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A user interface designed for the classroom

Class has a dynamic set of teaching tools built to be deployed and used during class.

Students Engagement

Build a connected hybrid environment to maximize student engagement in the classroom

Teaching and Learning Tools

Teachers/Lecturers can handout assignments in real-time for students to complete and submit.

Class Dashboard

Track all attendance, interaction, participation, and more by class across time.

Class Management Tools

Class provides tools to help run and manage the class such as Class Roster, Attendance, and more.

Assessments, Quizzes, Tests

Easily launch live assignments, quizzes, and tests.

For Those Who Want to Make a Difference.

My-eCLASS is one of powerful online platform suite that combines all the tools needed to run a successful classrooms.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

Tn. Muhadis
"My eCLASS melancarkan kelas offline mahupun kelas online. Semua capaian nota & bahan pendidikan, hanya klik dihujung jari anda!"
Pn. Intan Hazlina
"Sebanyak 4 Kelas saya telah terbina disini. Sangat mudah untuk saya menggerakkan kelas. Student hanya tekan button yang berkaitan, semua nota dan latihan sudah siap tersedia."

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